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How can You get People to Notice Your Business?

In a world with 1.2 Billion websites all fighting to get people's attention, it can be hard to get noticed.

Marketing used to be easy. As a business owner all you had to do was take out an ad in the local paper and then all eyes were on you. Before you knew it, you would have people lining up at your front door, cash in hand, ready to buy whatever it was You were selling. You could then take that profit and use it to buy more ads, which in turn would lead to even Bigger Profits.

Once radio and television came along, ads became an everyday occurrence in life. They were on billboards, they came on the radio after your favorite song played, and they were even on the bench when you waited for the bus to arrive. Ads were everywhere!
This method of advertising made some brands so well known, that we began using the product’s brand name in place of the product’s generic name. Think about it, when was the last time that you ever asked someone to lend you a permanent marker or went to the store and asked the clerk where adhesive bandages are? If you’re like me then never. More than likely you asked for a Sharpie and you were looking for Band-Aids.

Mass advertising created huge success for the brands that managed to become household names. This caused business owners to only focus on making products that would appeal to everyone. Making products for the masses was the only way to ensure that they could make enough sales to allow them to keep running ads. And if they could keep running ads then everyone would know who they were and they could get more sales. But The Problem with trying to please everyone is that you end up pleasing no one. This lead to companies making really cool ads to attract people, but having boring bland products that were solely aimed at pleasing the masses.

Over time people grew tired of bland average products and ads that overpromised and underdelivered. Consumers also got better and better at ignoring these ads that seemed to be interrupting their lives on a constant basis. In August of 1991, the World Wide Web became available to the public. And this was just the vehicle needed to bring new life to the old and tired ways of marketing. People suddenly starting engaging with each other in ways like never before. The web made it extremely easy to find and connect with just about anybody. More and more websites began appearing on the web and this meant that more and more consumers were now turning their attention to this new medium. In 1994 the first ever banner ad was displayed on a site called HotWired.com. Since the web was a new medium of communication untouched by the tactics of mass marketing, this first advertisement received a click-through rate of 44%. Rates that T.V. marketers could only dream of.

As the web began to develop and mature, more and more avenues for marketing opened up, these included things like email marketing, banner ads, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and content marketing. Each of these new marketing channels presented business owners with the possibility of huge rewards, but only if they could learn to adapt to a new way of marketing. Since these new avenues were not yet filled with loads of competition it would be much easier for the average business owners to draw attention to themselves. This new way of marketing also presented business owners with one big problem. When you advertise on television and in print you can run your ads all in the same place and guarantee that loads of people will see them. Think about Superbowl ads. How many people can you talk to the day after the Superbowl, and reminisce with about that ad showing the little piggy sticking its head out of the car window yelling “Weeeeeeeeee”? Just about everybody. The number of websites on the web quickly surpassed the number of television stations on T.V. How would business owners ever be able to get all of those eyeballs in one place, looking at their ads?

Sometime around 1998, the idea of Search Engine Optimization entered the realm of online marketing. By using certain “keywords” in your website’s content you were able to show up on the top search results when people entered those keywords into different search engines such as Google, MSN, or Yahoo. You could essentially have a site centered around selling yoga mats and then use the keywords “yoga mat” in your content over and over again. Then when potential customers typed in yoga mat to any search engine your site would be the first to appear. This new technique was an instant hit in the marketing world. This meant that you could now market directly to people who actually wanted to see your ads. This new approach was a complete 180 compared to older marketing techniques. When you run an ad on T.V. or in the paper you have no idea who is going to see it. This new method of marketing was so commonly used that companies like Google invested huge sums of money into creating technology that allowed business owners to see if people were interested in certain products, how many people were searching for those products on a monthly basis, and what other related content people were searching for.

Many people experienced tons of success using this method but this kind of easy success was short-lived. In order to maintain a high-level of quality in the content that appeared in search results, search engines had to change their process of ranking content. After all, no one wants to end up on a website where the words “animal print pajamas” just repeat over and over again. While this did make it harder for businesses to rank high in search engine results this also made it necessary for business owners to focus on delivering high-quality content in order to attract customers. Business owners could no longer grow their businesses by solely trying to please the masses and niche marketing became pivotal to success.

Then social media came into play making it even easier for business owners to provide quality content and engage with their ideal customers. Once Facebook acquired a large number of users it developed its own type of analytic software that could allow business owners to find and connect with specific groups of people. If you wanted to run an ad and only have people who were female, 22-45, living in Ohio, and who liked personal fitness, see it you now you had the ability to do so. Being able to target ideal customers and provide them with quality content, products, and services became the new road to success.

Online marketing has made it easy for any business owner to build a website and market it to potential buyers in a very cost-efficient way. Succeeding in online marketing does take time and effort but the good news is anyone can do it if they implement the right techniques. You need to make sure that you have a website that has valuable content, is attractive, and is designed to sell. You need to know how to build and effectively run email marketing. You need to keep up with and implement search engine, social media, and content marketing trends. You need to know how to use search engine and social media analytics to make sure your advertisements are being seen by the right people. And most importantly you need to figure out what sets your business apart, what makes you unique and market your business around that concept. There are a lot more marketing techniques you need to implement in order to see success than just taking out an ad in a local paper, but if you do it right it is a lot easier to reach the people you want to reach and build a brand that both you and your customers will fall in love with.


“You're not going to grow your business just by getting your face in front of people over and over when they don't want to hear from you.”

~ Seth Godin
Best Selling American Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Public Speaker

What I do

Social Media and Internet Marketing

Brand Creation

A Brand Story is something every business needs to have. It helps customers to know what you do and want to learn more about your business.

Social Media Marketing

Millions of people globally are using social media actively everyday, and a great deal are wading through vast amounts of “social noise” looking for a trusted brand like you.

Search Engine Marketing

Ignoring marketing on Goggle is like opening up a business and not telling anyone about it. I help you to improve your SEO so that you actually show up in the Google search results.

Email Marketing

Building an effective email marketing list is the life blood of any business today. No matter how old it gets, email marketing will still be relevant.

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Steps to ensure a successful marketing strategy

  • 1

    Brand Story

    This is the first step to successful social media and internet marketing.

  • 2

    Social Media

    Your brand story will be used in the set up of every important social media site.

  • 3

    Build Email List

    Once your brand story is conveyed on your website and social media sites it is time to start building your emial list.

  • 4


    Your strategy will include a combination of email, social media, and internet marketing techniques.

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My Experience

with social media and internet marketing.

I have spent time studying under one of the top three people in the world at using social media and internet marketing. A man who is pioneering the industry with techniques that are on the cutting edge of this relatively new market. He has personally spent millions of dollars testing out different techniques in order to find out the best ways to do social media and internet marketing.

Kathryn Stacy
CEO Natural Health and Fitness Marketing

As a social media and marketing expert you can assure that I will always strive to show your customers the best of you.

Kathryn Stacy
CEO Natural Health and Fitness Marketing

Message me at naturalhealthfitnessmarketing@gmail.com to get a free evaluation of your social media and internet marketing strategy. I would love to hear Your story about how You got started. And I look forward to sitting down with you and discovering what makes you so unique and helping you to turn your business into a brand I know you will fall in love with.